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Mikey studied robotics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After working in Hong Kong and traveling to India he returned to the west with the dream of applying eastern meditative practices to the technologies that compose the western way of life.


Mikey is an avid meditation practitioner and the developer of BioFluent Technologies. Specifically, he works on the HeartSync program.


HeartSync allows users to simultaneously meditate in a group setting,  combining their rates of breathing, heart rates, and states of mind into a single entity. Other BioFluent Technologies he's worked on include the Nome and HearNow.


He also organized Consciousness Hacking meetups and according to him, "The goal of Consciousness Hacking, is to build a community of people that are interested in the development of new technologies to increase human well being."


In his interview he discusses the different categories of techno meditation devices and his view on why they are beneficial for our society. He explains the emergence of this new field of study, which he calls transformative technology.


For more information on Consciousness Hacking visit:

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