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Anna King:

Anna King is a resident at the Center for Mindful Learning in Johnson, Vermont where Soryu Forall is the guiding teacher. When she was 18 she had an accident that left her severely injured. In her interview she describes how meditation has helped in her recovery and learning to cope with the changes in her life that came with her accident and how a teacher has helped her more than anything else.

Satoryu O'Connor:


Satoryu O'Connor has been a resident at the Center for Mindful Learning for two years. In his interview he explains the two technoboosts he uses within his practice.

He also describes the value of having an instructor and speculates about potential technologies, which could rapidly accelerate meditative learning, and could ultimately lead to enlightenment.

Toby Sola:


Toby Sola studied at Vassar College in New York and is now a resident at the Center for Mindful Learning. Toby had met Soryu Forall in 2011, which got Toby to practice meditation more seriously. 


Toby has done experiments with EEG brainwave sensors. He is an advocate of the technomeditaion or technoboosts that have invaded the west, promoting the idea that it is just another tool to help a person get introduced to and interested in meditation. He believes with the continuing advancements of technology, electronic meditation tools will be more viable and reliable to reach enlightened states, especially because anything is possible, right?

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